Beautifying Your Skin

What You Can Do To Even Out Your Skin Tone

If you have red skin, or a patchy, uneven skin tone, you may have tried covering your skin with makeup, although this may not be helping with your skin tone and could be hindering your skin's ability to heal. If you have uneven skin, there are a number of things you can do to give you the skin you want to achieve. Read on for a few things you can do to achieve an even skin tone.

Wash Your Face Daily

Be sure to wash your face daily with a gentle face wash. Don't wash with anything so harsh that it causes more redness to your skin or dries out your skin. You need something that will clean and nourish your skin. Anything that dries out your skin can also cause redness or may result in a different type of skin irritation, such as bumps on the skin or peeling skin. Wash your face in the morning and before bed to wash away any makeup or dirt on your skin so it doesn't settle into your pores. Wash your face with warm water and rinse in cool water to help open and close your pores. Pat your skin dry, don't rub your skin to prevent damaging your skin cells.

Drink Water

Drinking water daily can help ensure your skin stays clean and clear, and it can help even out your skin tone and texture as well. Drinking at least 8–10 glasses of water per day can help with your skin all over your body, not just your face. 

Apply A Sheer Moisturizer

Applying a sheer moisturizer can help to hold moisture in your skin. Use a sheer moisturizer to prevent oil from settling into your pores and leaving you with greasy skin. Apply the moisturizer after you wash your face. Moisturizer can prevent dry patchy areas on your skin and reduce redness as well.

Wear Sunscreen

Make sure you wear sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or more on your face. Sunscreen can protect your skin from the sun's rays and from sun damage. Sun damage can lead to redness or dry patches on the skin. Wear sunscreen on your face every day when you are out in the sun. 

If you have an uneven skin tone, as in dry skin, redness, or patchy skin, use the tips above to help give you an even skin tone. Talk to your dermatologist about other things you can do to even out your skin tone.