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Potential Treatment Options For Rhinophyma

Rhinophyma is a skin condition that affects the nose and can be difficult to overlook. This condition can cause your nose to dramatically grow in size, change in shape, and experience other visual changes. Those who develop rhinophyma can often feel embarrassed about the change in how they look, potentially to the extent that it affects their self-esteem. If you believe that you have rhinophyma because of how your nose looks, you'll want to schedule a checkup with a local dermatologist. If you indeed have rhinophyma, your dermatologist may offer the following treatment options.

Nose Reshaping

The change in the shape of your nose is often one of the most distressing things about developing rhinophyma, so it will be a relief to hear that your dermatologist may be able to reshape your nose. This is a procedure that typically involves a specialized laser. For example, if the nose has become dramatically asymmetrical, your dermatologist will reshape it so that it has more of an even look. The reshaping process will also reduce the size of your nose, making it more closely resemble the size that it was before you had rhinophyma.

Skin Layer Removal

When you have rhinophyma, you'll often have several additional layers of skin on the surface of your nose. The skin can vary in appearance, but it can sometimes be flaky and oily. One of the treatment options that may be available from your dermatologist is the removal of some of these skin layers. Your dermatologist will carefully use a scalpel to cut away the outer skin layers of the nose. Doing so will not only help to make the nose smaller, but also give it more of a natural look.

Blood Vessel Reduction

A nose that has rhinophyma will often have a redder appearance than the skin elsewhere on the face, resulting from a large number of blood vessels that are visible just beneath the surface of the nose's skin. In addition to the other changes in the appearance of your nose, the redness may further cause you to feel embarrassed about this condition. During your rhinophyma treatment, your dermatologist will use a laser to reduce the visibility of the blood vessels. This will give your nose less of a red appearance, helping you to feel better about how it looks. When you have rhinophyma, it's encouraging to know that many forms of treatment are available. Contact your dermatologist to discuss what treatments you require.